Beco Pro - Beltrão Cooperation Productions
​​​​​​​BeCo Pro is a production company created from the need of the artists Rafael Draga and Clara Edwiges, to expose their ideas, projects and products in order to promote their production and other artists.
The name BeCo is the combination of 'Be' from Beltrão (place where we were born and raised, a community in the city of Niterói/RJ - Brazil) and 'Co' from Cooperation, which comes from the collaboration between the resident artists and the desire to collaborate, cooperate and produce other artists.
The logo was inspired by the graffiti aesthetic, which is very present in our creations.
We seek to bring greater representation and proximity to the aesthetics of graffiti and street art for the viewer, thus translating our culture to whoever wants to see it. We are multidisciplinary, working with audio-visual, visual arts, digital art and the most varied artistic expressions.
Rafael Draga
Rafael Draga is a graffiti artist, visual artist and graduated as a fashion designer. Working as a graffiti artist and visual artist since 2012, Draga held six individual exhibitions (one of them in Mar del Plata/AR), was approved for two art calls and participated in three group exhibitions (one of them in the US with the TMFA, international art collective). He is currently one of the co-creators of BeCo Pro, where he works as an illustrator, visual artist, develops audiovisual projects and a PFP NFT project on the DeSo blockchain. Rafael is also part of the Gambiarra NEAR Gallery
Clara Edwiges
Clara Edwiges is a multi artist ( a generalist artist in her words). Graduated in 2022 in Arts and works as a producer, translator, interviewer and researches "Kopigrafia", a work in progress and ever growing series of artworks inspired by termites and other abstractions on the theme.  
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