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Background Checks is an abstract art project turned into NFTs. 
The project is an abstract expression of the artistic creation of Becopro ( in its 2D paintings) and Klara Kopi (3D sculptures and metaverse), a contemporary view of their artistic life trespassing stylistic barriers and using techniques acquired trough many years of artistic practice.
What we have planned for the next steps:
 ● After selling out Stage 1 NFTs (2D paintings created by Beco Pro) we'll launch the 2nd stage of the Background Checks Collection with 55 3D sculptures that are already on production by Klara Kopi.
● Holders of the Stage 1 arts will be whitelisted to acquire the Stage 2  sculptures before they are released to the public sale.
● On the 3rd Stage we'll launch a new collection of 13 exclusive musical video clips linked to the previous visual identity. All holders will be whitelisted to acquire them before the public sale. The remaining arts will be auctioned.
● Stage 4 is being planned and will be announced after selling out all Stage 3 arts.

Stage 1 (paintings) and Stage 2 (sculptures) on the metaverse

Background Checks - Stage 1

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