​​​​​​​In 2012, Draga (Becopro's street name ) started his career as a graffiti artist and visual artist. At the time, without knowing the rules of the streets, he ended up passing over the work of other people, a practice known as “capping”, a taboo in the street art, which resulted in threats and demands. Several years later, inspired by his personal experience, he decided to make transgression a theme for his art and take graffiti, its language and behavior to the traditional channels of art.
The artist's idea was to break this taboo, developing canvases and giving them to other artists, graffiti artists from different areas of Rio de Janeiro to "rat" him, to make interventions in his paintings. Upon receiving the canvases back, the artist began to notice patterns in the behavior of other artists by passing over their paintings and interacting with each other, expanding the concept of their work to approach graffiti not only as a technique but also through an ethnographic bias. .
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