The Ghost (Ftasma in PT/BR) is one of the personas that the street artist Becopro paints on the streets since 2012.  Due to 2020's pandemic, Becopro started to invest more in creating digitally.  In 2020 he created a profile on the DeSo blockchain as @becopro and created hundreds of arts and animations featuring the Ghost, more than 300 NFTs sold. 
     Later the project evolved, the team grew bigger and now the ghost lives on DeSo's blockchain as @DeSoGhost, a PFP project that has already sold more than a 200 NFTs, auctioned arts to raise resources for charities on the platform, community projects and a community event on Tampa Bay, FL.
     On the 100th ghost event we sent 71 profile banner NFTs (4 Epic, 13 Rare and 54 Common) as a reward for being our first investors and part of the project story.
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